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Dashboards & Reporting Automation

Our goal is to increase your revenues while also offering automated tools that decrease your costs associated with redundant tasks. Once the necessary configurations to properly collect your data are done, we can build dashboards that will allow you to better monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then make decisions that will have an impact on the performance of your ecotourism and/or hospitality business.

Our methodology is based on a detailed understanding of your needs, your business objectives, and the monetary, human, and technological resources at your disposal. Our technical expertise allows us to build dashboards and reports using the tool of your choice to represent the data collected from your reservation systems, operations management, accounting, traffic on your website, and other sources. By properly linking these information sources you can have a holistic view of your customers and thus extract the best information including their end-to-end journey, from acquisition to conversion, as well as behavioral trends.

From this information, we identify the data sources, internal or external, containing the variables necessary for the construction of your personalized dashboards. Here are the 5 steps we take to configure your dashboards efficiently: 

  1. Business needs analysis 
  2. Selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  3. Selection of the tools best suited to the needs
  4. Wireframe Creation 
  5. Configuration and programming of dashboards

It should be noted that these 5 steps can be executed very quickly if you are performance oriented due to our experience and our great ability to execute.

Step #1 - Business Needs Analysis

Once you collect all the required information, it’s time to track your performance so that you can optimize it. The first step is to properly identify your needs in terms of useful and relevant information for the development of your business, whether it comes from internal or public sources. Often your needs are related to improving your digital performance and this is how our extensive experience can help you save time and increase your revenue.

Step #2 - Selection of KPIs

Depending on your business needs, we help you implement your data strategy to turn your raw data into dashboards that will allow you to make informed decisions. Thus, once the business needs have been identified, similar to Sherpas, we can guide you to select the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will allow you to continuously monitor your progress towards achieving your business objectives and to quickly readjust your strategies when necessary.

Step #3 - Selection of the Best Suited Tools

Our experiences have enabled us to use, analyze and compare several of these tools and we know their main strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, we have developed methodologies to assess the potential and value of new tools on the market. It is important to note that we are not a reseller of products and do not earn any commission. Our approach is objective, transparent, neutral and impartial. Many tools on the market offer the ability to build custom reports and dashboards. Some require special technical skills to ensure that the information displayed represents reality. We can assess whether the tools you already have provide the necessary functionality for data extraction, binding, transformation and presentation. We can also offer you alternative or complementary tools that provide added value in terms of useful information while respecting your resource constraints. You will thus be able to choose in an objective and informed way the tool or tools that suit you. If the tools available on the market do not completely meet your needs, we can also assess the possibility of merging existing tools and creating an integrated solution adapted to your needs. Particularly, we can build dashboards for you with the following technologies:

  1. Microsoft Excel 
  2. Google Sheets with API 
  3. Google Data Studio 
  4. Microsoft Power BI 
  5. Custom interfaces with Node.js and React

Step #4 - Wireframe Creation

After determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and selecting the right tool, we can proceed to create a custom visual mockup (Wireframe) to help you visualize what your dashboard will look like. If the dashboard you want is standard, we use a typical mockup that we have developed from our experience and best practices, and go straight to the next step.

Step #5 - Configuration and Programming of Dashboards

All of our experience also allows us to determine the optimal configurations for each of the tools identified in the 4 previous steps. The dashboards we build are clear, precise and tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We make sure they can be read and understood by everyone involved in improving the performance of your business.

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