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Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses in Hospitality and Ecotourism increase their online revenues through state-of-the-art Digital Growth Methods and Data technologies. We wish to collaborate with businesses whose values align with our own and who are willing to invest in evolving and innovating their Revenue Management with us.

Our company’s goal is to help businesses in optimizing their revenue management to then in turn increase their revenues. In the process, we aim to build a strong long-lasting relationship with those we collaborate with. We view collaboration as an opportunity to help create and grow a community with which we identify and share common values with. We do not hesitate to offer service exchanges with our partners.

Our Story

Alpha Premium is a story that starts with passion, expertise and openness. It’s the story of revenue generation experts whose mission is to help vacation rentals and independent hoteliers across the world to increase their revenues. Founded in December 2019 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Alpha Premium is the story of seasoned veterans with cutting edge Revenue Management and Artificial Intelligence expertise earned while working with more than 100 different clients in more than a decade of experience across the world in the Ecotourism, Hospitality and Vacation Rentals sectors. It is the story of JF and Eddie, who worked in 4 different businesses together including Sonder where JF was part of the executive team and created the Data Science and Revenue Management teams from the ground up and where Eddie was an early employee and a key contributor. It is also the story of JF, Carl, Jonathan and Eddie, our experts who share a passion for the use of data, computer programming and respect for the environment and future generations. 

Alpha Premium is also the home of experts who studied at MIT, Wharton, Cornell, London School of Economics, McGill, UBC, University of Edinburgh, HEC Montréal and Université de Montréal. Each new team member adds something different and brings its own flavor to push everyone inside the company to get the best out of each other.

Our Culture

Alpha Premium believes that success lies in the members of its team and puts an emphasis on the importance of being a close and united group. We believe each member of our team has their own unique set of in-depth knowledge in a variety of technical and industry knowledge. For that reason, our team never hesitates to challenge one other or share idea. We work together as a unit to increase our global knowledge to help produce high quality work for our clients.

Our Values - Alpha Premium

At Alpha Premium, we have a strong internal culture and we share the following 7 values: 


1. We act like entrepreneurs.

We are used to working with limited resources. We are therefore creative in generating value at a low price before taking more expensive actions. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and understand small business leaders because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We put in the necessary hours and are not afraid to make the necessary efforts with courage and determination to always go further.


2. We are pragmatic.
We are focus on delivering results for our partners. We have a DNA of experts in Data Management and Finance, which means we are not afraid to dive into your data and to suggest more precise and concrete actions to generate a better return on investment (ROI).


3. We act as guides, trainers and sherpas.
We work in collaboration, not in silos. Our clients are not clients, they are partners, we guide them like they do with their partners in Ecotourism. We show them how to become autonomous if it’s their wish and we do not hesitate to communicate any new information with them.


4. We deliver on time.
We are trustworthy and accountable, we honor our commitments and we have a transparent approach to all our partners: clients, colleagues and partners.


5. We are cutting edge. 
We are never done learning and seeking to increase our knowledge for the benefit of our partners. We recognize talent and nourish it. We are data-driven and pay attention to details. We meticulously investigate when metrics differ and seek to understand the justification.


6. We are concerned about our ecological footprint.
We love nature, ecotourism and want to leave an ecologically healthy legacy for our children. We are currently in the process of being accepted to be part of the B Corp movement and the 1% for the planet movement. We are 100% remote since our creation.


7. We are open to suggestions to constantly improve.
We pursue the principle of “Idea Meritocracy”, which means that the best idea wins. Great ideas emerge in unconstrained environments. The best idea is the one that makes sense and not the one suggested by the person with power. We believe that working to improve a community is the social investment that pays the most in the long term.

Our Team

Professional photograph of JF Belisle, CEO of Alpha Premium









Dominic Nadeau, digital marketing manager at Alpha Premium