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Our services in Ecotourism

List of services

Digital marketing coaching

We offer personalized coaching on various aspects of digital marketing. We adapt to your needs and maturity level to empower your team and help you leverage data in your decision-making. We also offer training to optimize your use of commonly used modern tools, leading to the internalization of marketing efforts.

We already helped over a hundred businesses transition to a better use of digital technologies in order to automate processes and speed up growth. We offer one-on-one coaching or group trainings that can be recorded for maximum value.

Performance marketing

Digital marketing campaigns can be split into multiple channels (i.e. Google, Facebook, Newsletters), and the Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) can be hard to track. To have a good overview of the most profitable investments, steps must be taken to ensure the quality of collected data. This data also needs to be visualized in a way that’s effective for decision-making.

By collaborating with Alpha Premium, you’ll increase visibility over the return on investment of your marketing efforts. Your campaigns will be optimized, your data will be more reliable, and your profitability will increase.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is evolving to answer new privacy regulations and offer business managers improved functionalities. A few steps need to be taken to transition to GA4 without friction. 

At Alpha Premium, we’ve known Google Analytics since its earliest days in 2005. We are experts in setting up data measurement on websites, whatever the challenges of your business. We ensure the data collected is reliable and measures are taken to track marketing campaigns accurately. We also connect GA4 to other Google services and can add custom tags along your conversion funnel.

Google Ads

We are Google Partners and have extensive experience in Google Search Ads for the ecotourism sector. Our expertise enables us to audit your account, set up new campaigns, and optimize them quickly. We consider your personalized business offer and seasonality to answer your visibility needs. When campaigns are in place, maintenance and long-term optimizations are offered.

If you are a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), we have a winning formula to support you in setting up or optimizing your Google for non-profit account. Alpha Premium will help you take advantage of the Google grant to the maximum, helping your business thrive today. 

Yield Management

If you use a reservation system, you may know the challenges associated with your services’ pricing. The complex relationship between supply, demand and occupancy rate pushes many businesses to incorporate dynamic pricing into their strategy. This practice is called yield management and aims to influence consumer behaviours with variable pricing to maximize revenue.

Alpha Premium is an expert in yield management, already generating more revenue for hotels in California by offering the right price at the right time to the right people.

Our partners

Google Partner Program Badge earned by Alpha Premium

We offer personalized training and support for digital transformation to members of EAQ, AEQ and MT Lab.


Next training:

  • MT Lab: November 15th, 2023
  • ÉAQ: February 7th, 2024
  • AEQ: More to come soon …

Google Ads for NPOs:

We speed up the obtention of grants and help setup and optimize your campaigns.

You operate in ecotourism or/and are a NPO?

"Alpha Premium was a precious help to truly understand our reality and our digital needs for our marketing strategies. The individual coaching offered by JF and Dominic helped us launch efficient Google Ads campaigns and optimize our website to increase our reservations' conversation rates. I strongly recommend them for their expertise and their concern for excellence"