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Digital Demand Generation

Once your website is user-friendly enough to attract visitors, it’s time to generate more quality traffic through proven demand generation methods for your activities or your accommodation. Thus, we can help you with the following 5 services:

1. Improve your Google My Business

The internet is vast and potential clients want to find what they are looking for as fast as possible. Google understood that and created the unavoidable Google My Business which produces; direct Search results on Google Search, Maps and Hotel Search. This front door is where the majority of your clients will come knocking to find you. They will find your own content, your key amenities but also other client’s experience and pictures. Are you handling this huge storefront?

2. Adding Your Services to OTAs

Although any business would prefer to generate 100% of its website traffic through direct channels, this is not realistic especially during the low season. We help you create your profile on the main online travel agencies websites (OTA; e.g., Expedia, Airbnb, etc.). Then, we help you improve your positioning on OTAs using our years of experience understanding and executing strategies related to these specific OTAs algorithms. Furthermore, we make sure that each of the OTAs channels are synchronized with your calendar availability. Thus, we offer you the following 2 services:

3. Digital Media Advertising

The cheapest traffic you can get is free traffic, which is your organic traffic. Thereafter you need to pay for your traffic. Thus, we help you attract qualified traffic from digital advertisements in order to reduce your dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs). These digital media advertising investments can take many different forms. Our experience with the Google ecosystem (e.g. Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, YouTube Ads) and Facebook, allows us to create ads for you or to guiding you if you prefer to create them yourself. Here are the 4 services we offer:

4. Link Building Creation (Off-Site SEO)

Having relevant links that point to your website is a long-term benefit in terms of both immediate referral traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) on Google. Thus, we support you by finding the most relevant inbound links for your website and your business. Thus, we offer the following service: 

5. Newsletters Improvement

One of the cheapest ways to increase your revenue is to offer great deals to your existing customers with the goal of increasing your repeat purchases and building a strong, loyal customer base that you can count on during tough times. By offering personalized targeted offers to your best customers, we help you increase your turnover while reducing your costs. With our experience in the loyalty industry and more importantly in effective email design, the goal is always to increase your conversion rate from your newsletters. We therefore offer you the following service:

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Revenue lift with the same budget

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