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Data Collection and Cloud Computing

Alpha Premium helps you with cloud computing and data collection by stitching data from four of your most important data sources to help analyze your customer base and activate end-to-end tracking, from acquisition sources to conversions. These 4 sources includes:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Reservation Systems Data
  3. Newsletter Data
  4. Accounting Data
Data Collection + Cloud Computing - Alpha Premium

Google offers a variety of powerful tools, mostly free, that allow you to collect, present and analyze data regarding visitors to your website. Tools like Google BigQuery even offer the possibility of enriching your data with collections of public cloud data, such as historical performance or socio-demographic data. The strength of Google tools is that they are highly customizable, but they still require some knowledge in order to configure them optimally.

Google Analytics, for example, collects a large amount of data which is then stored in the cloud. Usually companies use the standard configurations, thinking they are suitable. But your business and your goals are unique and specific, which means a custom setup is necessary to gather the right information that will be useful to help you in your business decisions. To do this, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the data collection process but also of the effects of the configuration of the system on the quality of the data. We can help you configure your tools efficiently. Here are 10 examples of the services we offer you in data collection and data integration:

  1. Creating a simple database in Google Cloud
  2. Integration of your different data sources
  3. Integration between your reservation system and Google Analytics
  4. Event configurations in Google Tag Manager
  5. Goal settings of Google Analytics
  6. Installation and configuration of Google Analytics 4
  7. Google Analytics 4 integration with Google Cloud
  8. Google Analytics 4 integration with Google BigQuery
  9. Configuration of Google Analytics eCommerce Module
  10. Integration between your different systems


Additionally, we can also help you with data quality. A dashboard or an advanced model powered by artificial intelligence is a representation of raw data that aims to lead to concrete decisions. You will therefore understand that the quality of the conclusions that one draws directly depends on the data source quality. If these are wrong or do not represent reality, it is obvious that the conclusions drawn from them will also be wrong, which can lead to bad actions based on bad decisions.

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