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Artificial Intelligence Systems

The transparency of our solutions is essential to our delivery. We avoid black box type modeling and apply ethical rules in artificial intelligence while integrating customer expertise.

We create intelligent decision support systems based on the best practices of the hotel and tourism industry as well as on the observations made from the data of your current and potential customers.

Artificial Intelligence AI - Alpha Premium

Our decisions and actions are driven by data, and more specifically, understanding what is behind that data to ensure we are delivering results that best represent reality.

Here are 4 examples of artificial intelligence systems we can build for you:

  1. Staff Forecasting Model
  2. Adaptive Pricing Algorithm
  3. Advanced Revenue Management Forecasting
  4. Custom Artificial Intelligence Models

1. Staff Forecasting Model

Deciding on how many employees are needed for a specific date several days in advance could seem like an impossible task. However, based on our experience in revenue management and artificial intelligence, we can build a simple or more complex model to help you plan how much staff you need for your activities or your accommodations. Thus, we offer you the following service:

2. Adaptive pricing Algorithm

Based on our experience in the Hospitality industry, we can write an adaptive pricing algorithm that meets your needs based primarily on: (1) your current inventory, (2) your competitors, and (3) the quality of your product. We offer you this service:

3. Advanced Revenue Management Forecasting

Every time we offer revenue management services for a hotel, a vacation rental or to manage activities, we always incorporate revenue management forecasts into our day-to-day analysis. Based on this, we offer the following service:

4. Custom Artificial Intelligence Models

We can create any type of artificial intelligence model as long as it can meet your needs and we can guarantee it will generate a great return on investment (ROI). We help you with this service:

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