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Alpha Premium is always on the lookout for passionate, curious and ingenious collaborators with values aligned with our 7 values. If you want to bring your contribution and ideas to our multidisciplinary team, to develop your knowledge and skills through training, conferences, webinars and expert coaching, Alpha Premium is for you.

Full-Stack Web Developer Internship

Internship Summary:

Are you passionate about designing web and mobile applications, from Backend to Frontend? Are you a versatile and curious person with a thirst for learning? Are you fun to work with and would like to work with founders who previously worked for startups backed by Silicon Valley VCs? If your answer is “yes” to all of these questions then the rest may interest you.

As part of the Digital Skills for Young People Program, Alpha Premium offers you the chance to come and develop your knowledge and skills while contributing significantly to the advancement of our business! A stimulating and rewarding challenge awaits you here! We are looking for a versatile, curious and motivated person who can contribute and grow at the same time as our business.

Who is Alpha Premium?:

Alpha Premium is a young start-up founded in December 2019 specializing in the design and development of automated business decision-support technology tools using artificial intelligence. Our products aim to help businesses in the e-commerce, real estate and tourism industries generate growth and increase ROI.

Our team works in remote mode and is distributed across Quebec. We are very open to new ideas and technologies. We are also part of 2 incubators in the greater Montreal area and we are positioning ourselves as participants in the global recovery in this period of health, economic and social crisis.

We have strong core values and we stick to them. Here are our 7 core values:

  1. We act like entrepreneurs. We are used to working with limited resources. We are therefore creative in generating value at a low price before taking more expensive actions. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and understand small business leaders because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We put in the necessary hours and are not afraid to make the necessary efforts with courage and determination to always go further.
  2. We act as guides, trainers and sherpas. We work in collaboration, not in silos. Our clients are not clients, they are partners, we guide them, we show them how to become autonomous if it’s their wish and we do not hesitate to communicate any new information with them.
  3. We deliver on time. We are trustworthy and accountable, we honour our commitments and we have a transparent approach to all our partners: clients, colleagues and partners.
  4. We are as curious as children: We are never done learning and seeking to increase our knowledge for the benefit of our partners. We recognize talent and nourish it. We are data-driven and pay attention to details. We meticulously investigate when metrics differ and seek to understand the justification.
  5. We are concerned about our ecological footprint. We are 100% remote, we use eco-friendly search engines (e.g. Ecosia, Lilo, OceanHero), we are concerned about our ecological footprint, but also that of others. We love nature and want to leave an ecologically healthy legacy for our children. We are currently in the process of being accepted to be part of the B Corp movement and the 1% for the planet movement.
  6. We are technical and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We have a DNA of experts in Data Management and Finance, which means we are not afraid to dive into your data, to write code and to suggest more technical actions to generate a better return on investment (ROI).
  7. We are open to suggestions to constantly improve. We pursue the principle of “Idea Meritocracy”, which means that the best idea wins. Great ideas emerge in unconstrained environments. The best idea is the one that makes sense and not the one suggested by the person with power. We believe that working to improve a community is the social investment that pays the most in the long term.

Job Description:

During your internship, here’s a look at a few tasks you could help with:

  1. Design the frontend of a web and mobile application.
  2. Design the backend of a web and mobile application.
  3. Assist in the configuration of a selected Cloud Hosting Platform.

However, we are primarily looking for someone who can:

  1. Learn and be an important contributor in our business.
  2. Adapt to many different situations.
  3. Evolve at the same time as our business through this opportunity.


Qualifications and Competencies:

  • Any diploma that has allowed you to accumulate useful knowledge.
  • Knowledge of SQL, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Experience with at least one of these frontend frameworks: React, Angular.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift.
  • Experience with at least one of these backend frameworks in Python: Django, Flask, web2py.
  • Experience with one of the following versioning software: GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab.


Working Conditions:

  • Working hours: 40h/week, Monday to Friday, flexible schedule.
  • Duration: 6 months with the possibility of full-time employment at the end of the internship.
  • Hourly salary: $20 to $25.
  • Workplace: Our main office is in Longueuil, but flexibility to work from where you want.



  1. Flexibility to work from where you want.
  2. Founders with experience in Silicon Valley VCs funded startups.
  3. You will work with experts in this area.
  4. The possibility to build everything from scratch without any legacy in place.
  5. Lots, lots of potential to grow your career.
  6. Access to 2 incubators resources and its network.
  7. Access to the equivalent of at least 5 days of training per year. Also, a number of training days (paid and mandatory) in digital skills development are an integral part of the internship.


The intern must meet the criteria outlined below:

  • Be between the ages of 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the internship.
  • Be a post-secondary graduate.
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada.
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada; 
  • Self-assess as underemployed, meaning they are employed below their level of education, are unemployed, or hold part-time employment.

Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

At Alpha Premium we are committed to Employment Equity and to achieving diversity in the workplace. We therefore encourage people from these five designated groups to apply: Indigenous peoples, official languages minorities, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities and women.

This initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.