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Whether you operate a hotel, a chalet, a villa or any other tourist attraction, our objective is the same! We help you increase your revenue and profits using automated marketing intelligence tools powered by Artificial Intelligence.


We create intelligent decision support systems based on the best practices in the hospitality industry.


We automate systems that use multiple data sources and advanced modelling powered by Artificial Intelligence.


We generate higher revenue and profits by constantly improving our methods and through domain specific expertise in tourism.

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Demand Generation

We help you both increase your reach and maximize the ROI of each additional dollar invested. We achieve this by expanding your reach using the best revenue drivers and through our marketing optimization expertise and automated tools.

Revenue Management

We can help you increase your revenue through our dynamic pricing expertise that will increases your revenue by 10% to 25% while decreasing your costs due to manual labor.

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Guests Targeting

By offering personalized targeted offers for your most profitable guests, we help you increase your top line (revenue) and decrease your bottom line (costs). Through our experience in the loyalty industry, we help you increase your repeat purchases, reduce your dependencies to online travel agencies (OTAs), and help you build a strong and loyal customer base to strive during tougher times.

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Alpha Premium Partners - BDC, CNRC NRC, DEL, MTLAB, Chaire de tourisme Transat, ESG, UQÀM, MTLHC, ICTC CTIC, le wagon

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